This Lifelike Robot Is Terrifying Everyone With Its Realism


Engineered Arts, a U.K.-based robotics company, has debuted a humanoid robot named Ameca, and it’s making folks pretty uncomfortable.

In a video posted on Engineered Arts’ Vimeo channel, you can see Ameca “wake up” and observe themselves with realistic human expression. Despite everything from Ameca’s neck down being robotic, their face is made to look very human and the video ends with Amerca staring at the viewer with a smile.

Responses to Ameca have ranged from impressed to horrified for anyone who’s seen an episode of HBO’s Westworld or read any sci-fi novel ever.

On Engineered Arts’ website, the company says Ameca is “the future face of robotics,” and is “the world’s most advanced human shaped robot[.]” Ameca also incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ameca is being advertised as “a great attraction,” and is modular to allow for “future upgrades, both physically and software to enhance Ameca’s abilities[.]” So if your sci-fi adventure theme park needs a robot with human-like expressions, well Engineered Arts has a product for you.

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