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FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is in the process of updating its Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan, so it is asking Kentuckians to take an online survey to find out, “What Moves You?”

The information collected will be used in preparing a plan which will identify the goals, policies, needs and improvement priorities that will set the direction of Kentucky’s transportation system through 2045.

“Everyone relies on transportation to get us where we need to go,” Transportation Secretary Jim Gray said. “To connect us with out jobs, with friends and family, to the people and places that we love and care about. But transportation is about more than just cars and roads. We want to help Kentuckians to get where they want to go, however they want to get there. That means whether it’s by car or by bus, or by boat, bike or on foot, even in a plane.”

According to the Cabinet, Kentucky’s long-range plan is updated about every seven years, to stay current and meet the needs of the rapidly changing transportation environment in the state. The last plan was finalized in 2014.

The first step in the year-long process is the online survey, which is available through Monday. The Cabinet asks Kentuckians to feel free to submit their feedback, and to encourage others they know to do the same.

In January, KYTC will begin drafting the plan, with another public comment period and finalizing the Long-Range Statewide Transportation plan by the end of 2022.

The survey, along with more information, is available by going to

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